Tom Lanno - Acting Coach, Makeup Artist & Theatre Specialist

Successful Students - Working Actors, Teachers, & Technicians


Add yourself to this list of my talented students!


Gerry Rosenthal in Concert

Paul Adams - Lighting Designer

Dave Anthony - Musician (Drummer)

Ashley Benatar - Makeup Artist, Los Angeles
Boyjana Blagojevic - Published Poet, College Instructor

Paul Bucossi - Stunt Coordinator: The Sopranos, Stuntman, Film: Crocodile Dundee

Kevin Carr - Actor, Ringling Bros. Circus Clown, Stuntman, Commercials, Film:
                 The Polar Express, TV: Law & Order

Kevin Carr as James Dean


              Watch Kevin in his web movie, "Joe's Diner."

Fifi Castro - Theatre Educator

Anthony Ceccomancini - Sony Films - Associate Production Manager:
The Polar
                      Express, Spiderman 2, Monster House, Stuart Little

                                     Anthony & Leda Ceccomancini


John DiMaggio - Actor, Film: The Pirates of Silicon Valley, Stand-up Comedy: MTV
                       Voice Overs: Futurama (Bender), Video Games, TV
: ER

John DiMaggio as "Bender" in Futurama


                                                    Faith Dowgen


Faith Agnew Dowgen - Actress, Community Theatre

Ronald E. Giles - Career Military (retired), Indy & Film School Actor,
                        Featured Extra - What Happens in Vegas (2008), 
Tour Guide - Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Holmdel, NJ

                                                            Ronnie Giles


James Gosnell - Equity Actor

Ivan Grant - Actor

Lauren Hall - Assistant Director

Rob Hopcke - Author, Psycologist, Therapist, Lecturer, Light Opera

Dave Hyland - College Theatre Educator, Artistic Director of the 
                    Take Heed Theatre Company, Improvisational 
                    Theatre Company:
Mod27, Toronto Comedy Festival

Mod27 Improv Company


Lauren Importico - Equity Stage Manager

Mitch Kapner - Screenwriter,
The Whole Nine Yards

Hal Landis - Clown

                                                     Hal Landis


Charles Linnell - Music & Theatre Educator, Director

Anna Mastroianni - Actress in film & TV, 
As The World Turns, The Sopranos

Emily Mason - Theatre Educator

Gia McGlone - Actress, TV: The Whoopie Goldberg Show, Model

                                                      Gia McGlone


Mike Melillo - Professional Mask & Prop Maker, Artist (blacklight

Mike Melillo AKA "Blacklight Mike"



Trish Molinari - Educator

Joe Mulholland - Improvisational Comedy Troupe

Susan Odjakjian - Film Editor. Walt Disney Studios

Molly Price - Actor, TV:
Bionic Woman, Thirdwatch, Law & Order
Sweet & Lowdown, Tin Men, Kiss Me Guido, Jersey Girls

Molly Price in
Bionic Woman


David Ramus - French Producer/Director/Actor/Translator of Broadway musicals for
                     production in open-air summer theatre (France)
 Gerry Rosenthal - Actor, Film: Liberty Heights, Finding Forrester, TV: Law & Order
                        The Letterman Show,
Commercials, Musicial

Amy Jo Townley - Forensic Scientist

Gary Tomaro - Location Sound Recorder, LA

Robert Williams - Scenic Artist, Educator

Steve Wilson - Actor, Stage: (Broadway)
Frogs, By Jeeves, Lestat, 
                     Touring: Molly Ringwald's Sweet Charity, NJ   Shakespeare Festival:
                     Illyria, Cyrano de Bergerac, Film: The Producers, Original Cast
                     Recordings: By Jeeves, Frogs, Regional Equity Theatre: 1776

Steve Wilson - Broadway Actor


Steve Wilson as, "The Joker."



My apologies to anyone left off this list. If you are an alumnus, please contact me.


I can help YOU realize your dreams! Contact me.

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