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Here's what my students and clients are saying...

"The amount of time he spends preparing his staggering. But you will not...see his enthusiasm waiver. I have never known an educator who gets more satisfaction out of seeing a young person develop a love of theatre. But he leaves behind a legacy of dedication, integrity and passion for both the subject he taught and the students who had the privilege of calling him their teacher. I know I speak for many former students when I say there is simply no one else like 'T.L.' "
- Steve Wilson, Professional Actor, (Broadway) NYC

"Tom Lanno…was so encouraging and so involved with his is because of him that I even discovered CT (community theatre) and also that I even graduated high school. I will always be grateful to him." 
- Faith Dowgan, Actress, Piscataway, NJ

"I count you...among the most influential teachers I have ever had. did for me in recognizing my gifts...while challenging me to be even better has been probably the most important thing anyone has ever done for me, as a person and artist. You gave me an indelible taste of what performing could be - the grind, the rehearsals, the teamwork, leading to those thrilling moments in the lights - so I am bent in the direction of encouraging people to reach for those moments for themselves, no matter what."
- Robert Hopcke, Psycotherapist, Director of the Center of Symbolic Studies, Author & Lecturer, Berkeley, CA

"I wanted to thank you again for all the amazing help you gave me. You have opened me up to tons of different acting things that I would never had the chance to learn at just school alone. I would take a class with you every week if I had the chance."
- Maggie Saunders, WHS Graduate, Boone, NC


"I don't think you know what you've given me - a gift of theatre. I also learned to believe in myself, that I could do and be anything I want. I will never forget the man who taught me all."
- Lauren Hall, North Plainfield, NJ

"I am so happy to discover you are still teaching. Your influence on me and my life is constantly apparent and I am forever grateful. You have a huge spot in my heart, TL."
- Amy Jo Townley, Forensic Scientist, Norfolk, VA

"I truely believe you made me a stronger, more talented, better had faith in me..."
- Gary Mastriano, North Plainfield, NJ

"May God bless you always, Tom, for being the great teaching and mentoring influence that you were to me and to so many before and after me."
-Ronald E. Giles, Retired Military, Independant Film Actor, Lodi, NJ

"I had the pleasure of attending (The Laramie Project) last night and was blown away by the power of their (student) performances! The performers were moving, true to life and so well done! Applause!!"
- Susan DeAppolonia and Family, North Plainfield, NJ  

"Great teacher, very influential, has in fact changed my outlook on life. Thank you."
- Bobby Sain, ASU Student

"Thank you for being one of the BEST teachers ever. You inspire me to keep fighting for my dreams."  -Rosemarie Rescica, Photographer, Yonkers, NY                                                                             

"Every student should have a Mr. Lanno!"
- M. Sokolowski, Parent, North Plainfield


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